Sealing Compound

Canseal 502 is a sealing compound made from rubber. This rubber compound is used in the manufacturing of tin cans with different uses, while taking advantage of its diverse range of formulation to meet customer specifications and production conditions. CANSEAL 502 is suitable for any tin can manufacturing application. It is used for lining the bottom and top edges before seaming them to the tin can body to prevent any leakage of the packaged product, and to prevent the entry of air into the can. This product is classified by the type of content that will be stowed inside the tin can:

  • ✓ Food(preserved food, tomato sauce, salted fish, oily and fatty food, etc.)
  • ✓ Chemicals (paints, lacquers, etc.)

The technology system used in the production of lining the ends:

  • ✓ Stamping or Nozzle:since there are different shapes of tin cans (cylindrical and rectangular), there are different machinery and different techniques for lining their ends (tops and Bottoms).
  • Cylindrical ends are lined with nozzle technology
  • Rectangular ends are lined with stamping technology.
  • canseal-pic2

    aci’s rubber compounds are usually produced in grey or red colors. CANSEAL 502 adds to the appeal of the consumer, helping to enhance the perceived value and quality of the product.

    • ✓ Special requests availability:

    We are always prepared to meet customers’ special requests through customization, under the brand name CANSEAL 502