High performance adhesive that is used in shoes industry for bonding all kinds of soles after preparation (such as PVC, PU, SBR and leather sole) to the upper part of the shoe. Developed for long-lasting repairs and reinforced for increased impact resistance.



A viscous water based bitumen emulsion used for protection of below ground concrete from salt attacks. Its gap-filling, durable, 100% waterproof adhesive formula is reliable for general purposes. provides a long-lasting, heavy duty bond in addition to great adhesive and elongation properties that includes: • easy application, excellent curing, toughness and flexibility, high bond strength, and suitability for gritting.




A ready-to-use, multi-purpose, high tack PVA that is designed for bonding soft and hard wood joints. It is widely used in the furniture industry for the preparation of mortise and tenon dowels. Wood veneers can also be bonded using this adhesive. It is easy-to use, fast drying, highly adhesive, and suitable for bonding all types of wood with different grades. Serves from economic to high quality types.



A general purpose neoprene contact adhesive, that can be used in shoes and bags industry for bonding leather, in addition to its general purpose properties that serve other industries in joining moquette, cork, felt, EVA laminates, sponge, artificial leather, rubber, wood and metal plates. Provides strong bonding, waterproof and oil resistance, excellent aesthetic ending, high durability and security.